Glass Pipe (Glass Blunt)
Glass Pipe (Glass Blunt)
Glass Pipe (Glass Blunt)
Glass Pipe (Glass Blunt)
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Glass Pipe (Glass Blunt)

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Glass Pipe

Get LITT with The Latest Twisty Glass Blunt- 2 x Quartz Glass Pipes 4 x Rubber Caps Cleaning Brushes Comes in a Compact Case (Black)


  • SMOKE TO THE FULLEST The glass blunt is modern smoking pipe designed for the smoker who prefers to smoke pure smoking materials or herbs without the use of rolling papers. Immerse yourself in the smooth full flavoured smoking experience that allows your smoking produce to be fully appreciated without harshness just a quality yet potent gentle smoke. It carries up to a massive 2 grams of smoking material at one time and has a specialist twisty internal screw mechanism.
  • SPECIALIST ENGINEERING: Litt has added the famous Greek engineered Archimedes screw mechanism as an added feature that allows the burnt smoking material to be easily disposed of by pushing the ash down through the pipe using the screwing motion
  • NO FUSS JUST SMOOTH: 100% Guarantee No fuss of using rolling papers or filters! Litt has carefully considered all the needs of the smoker. LITTS ORIGINAL NEW FILTERED ADAPTOR makes sure you don't accidentally inhale any solid 'herb with an inbuilt collection filter which can be used every time so all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the freshness and purity of your smoking experience without the worry of filtration
  • THE LATEST GADGET SEEN ON SOCIAL MEDIA, LITT's glass blunt comes in an amazing gift box with an extra glass pipe, two cleaning brushes for both the glass tube and the smoke holes, a small container that catches any herb when inhaling, mouthpiece and 2 silicone bands, protective mouthpiece cover and glass end cap
  • STYLISH AND DISCREET The blunt comes with a secure, stylish storage box that has compartments to fit each individual component of the blunt keeping your product protected and private. Litt has designed the blunt to be lightweight and compact, making it discreet and easy to carry where ever you go. The secure screw fixtures at both ends mean that you can take breaks between smoking whilst the herb/smoking material is stored in the pipe maintaining its freshness.


  • Colour: Black
  • Materials: Glass
  • Weight:
  • Size: XXcm x XXcm x XXcm


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    Q: Does the LITT grinder fit in the LITT stash box?
    A: Yes the LiTT mini (3cm) and Large grinder (6cm) will fit in both the stash box and stash bag.